Eternal Lies, album cover

Here it is! Eternal Lies are releasing their album next month and I am honoured to have been the artist who designed their cover. 


From Eternal Lies:

Hey there! 
We feel like a rare sign of life from the Eternal Lies camp is in place so here we go! 

First of all, we are happy to announce that the songs recorded literally a year ago are finally being released. Through Chaos Records, on cd and digital platforms, 28th May our second album “Burning the nest” will be available to the world! 

When we got together in the summer of 2015 to do the reunion gig in Varberg we never thought these old songs would end up on an actual recording but here we are, alive and well and currently writing material for a third album! 

The journey has been a long one, considering that the album was actually written back in 2003/2004 in the years following “Spiritual Deception”.

A couple of NEW songs are already done for the next one, let’s avoid 16 years in between! 

/ Eternal Lies 

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